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Our mission is to open the doors to better health, by opening minds and hearts to a better way of living.

We are here to educate those around us, as well as ourselves, about health and the benefits of massage and natural healing. It’s time to stop trying to cover up the pain, and instead, get to the source of it!


Kristina Libby, LMT – Soma Veda™ Thai Yoga Practitioner – License # MM38000

“Specializing in Customized Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork”

Do You Suffer From Back Pain?

Millions of Americans suffer from back pain and don’t know where to turn. Therapeutic massage has been proven to help relieve a growing list of ailments, including back pain.At Libby’s Art of Healing we strive to be the best, and provide high quality therapeutic massage. We do this by specializing in a variety of modalities. Since we have incorporated massage cupping, warm bamboo and Thai Massage into our practice, we have revolutionized massage therapy as you know it.

Whether you’re here to relieve the pain in your back, the stress in your shoulders, or just set down the weight of the world, you’re in the right place. Our therapists are trained to guide you through your healing process every step of the way. You can’t go wrong, because every session is guaranteed.

“Serving Our Community Since 2011”


Thai Yoga Fusion

A combination of Thai Massage Stretches & Relaxing Swedish Massage with therapeutic stretches and light soothing Swedish strokes to calm the nervous system.This type of massage is excellent for balancing the mind & body.


Hot Stone

If you want to feel like royalty, this is the massage for you. Using the warmth of the stones your massage therapist can also go deeper into the muscle to work out stubborn knots.



Therapeutic massage can help to alleviate chronic or acute pain. Through a combination of deep tissue, trigger point therapy, therapeutic stretches and massage cupping we customize a massage that fits your needs.